Collection: Key-lo-mehl Collection

Key-lo-mehl meaning "fall time" in the Yurok language, Indigenous to Northern California on the lower Klamath Basin of the Klamath River.

This collection is meant to celebrate the bounty and beauty of the fall season on the Klamath River, often a time for hunting wild game, fishing, foraging, and gathering acorns, which is a staple food for many Indigenous people. It is a time for coming home to spend time with our families, cook good food, fill our shelves with foods that our people have relied on since the beginning, and doing the work to help restore the earth while we also use it to cultivate our Indigenous foods.

This collection is to highlight the beauty of this time (and to provide a lil bling bling during your gathering ayy)

Wishing a bountiful and happy harvest for our people during this time

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