Meet the Artist


Nek-new Mahlija, Oregon okw ', Weyhl-kwel ese Ho-pew meyk-woh-mech-okw'.

Art is something that has been a constant in my life. It has become a part of my daily life, and something I will forever practice. It has become a huge part of practicing my culture. As Indigenous people who have fought to overcome the pain of colonization and genocide, we as contemporary people have found aspects of our life that speak to us and speak our old language in a way that we understand. For me art has been that ancient language of my ancestors that has been passed along to me to understand and to bring back to my people. I have spoken and incorporated this language of art in many different tongues, one of them being my work as an organizer and advocate for Indigenous rights. Everyone speaks their resiliency in some form of life, and I have found creating pieces that reflect that resiliency, has truly made me feel empowered as an Indigenous Woman. As an Indigenous Woman I have seen the importance of fighting for other Indigenous Womxn and Indigenous people, and I try to reflect that in my art.

I prefer to use watercolor, India ink, and Acrylic for my work. I enjoy playing with color and black and white because it gives balance to my work. I do make jewelry with traditional materials, some work with polymer clay and hand painted pieces. I often include symbols of my culture and Indigenous Womxn because they inspire the core of my work. I find comfort personally creating safe spaces for Indigenous Womxn through my paintings and depictions of the culture that I felt disconnected to coming into this world but have found through speaking the language of my ancestors.